Symbol of a New Kind of Communication

SAPP ‿ RO is a scheme designed to help citizens rediscover and share what make Sapporo attractive. We believe that this, in turn, will help open the eyes of visitors to the city’s charms. The activities of SAPP ‿ RO cannot happen without people’s participation. There are various ways of getting involved, whether casually as individuals or on a larger scale, with commitments of both time and money. We await your participation.


Tweet. Take pictures.

If you see a smile around the city, write a snippet or take a picture and post it along with the hashtag “#SapporoSmile.” The only criterion is that the subject makes you smile, be it family or friends laughing together at a wedding or birthday party, people engaging in volunteer work, delicious food cooked with ingredients from Hokkaido, or a gorgeous sunset. Posting text or photos is the easiest and quickest way to get involved.



SAPP ‿ RO produces original products. Help us spread the word about our activities by wearing a badge on your bag or coat or putting a sticker on your car. If the SAPP ‿ RO mark fills the streets of Sapporo, tourists are sure to notice. We dream of a future in which as many SAPP ‿ RO badges and stickers move about the city as the number of citizens who are in love with it.


Take action.

We seek partners who will engage with us in smile-inducing activities. If you already have a project under way, or if you are interested in doing something but have no concrete ideas—we would love to hear from you. We hope to put smiles on the faces of many Sapporo residents and visitors through our encounters with a wide range of companies and individuals.